“Smart” children’s toys become “booty” of hackers

Hello Barbie doll

Toy laptops and talking dolls are not the first year occupy the top lines in the top of pre-New Year sales. However, it is worthwhile to listen to the opinion of experts, who not without justification say that they can be used by … hackers.

So, for example, over Wi-Fi, the software of the talking Barbie doll (Hello Barbie) can be cracked, which turns it into a real spy watching family members. This became known from the news of the past week, which also showed the hacked photos of children, obtained through the attack on the website VTech – the manufacturer of electronic educational devices for children.

The Hello Barbie doll, priced at $ 75 from Mattel, connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Thanks to the software and the built-in microphone, she can answer the child’s questions, record his speech and react to it. An IT security expert from Chicago, Matt Yakubovsky, claims that the toy is vulnerable to hacking.

Extraction of hackers

As it turned out, access to the records of children’s conversations stored in the cloud, in addition to parents can get and hackers. Hacking into the operating system of the doll, they can easily find out network names, identifiers, account information and access to the microphone.

Data obtained through the toy can be used by hackers to hack home Wi-Fi and further penetration into other devices containing personal information.

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