Scientists have created a substance that surpasses the diamond in hardness and brilliance


Researchers from the University of North Carolina created a substance that is one of the forms of carbon and in its brightness is superior even to diamond. The name of the material is Q-carbon.

In order to give it the necessary structure, scientists had to warm up carbon with a laser pulse lasting 200 nanoseconds or 200 billionths of a second to a temperature of 3700 ° C, which roughly corresponds to the conditions under which natural diamonds formed about a billion years ago.


After heating, the scientists subjected the carbon to a sharp cooling, from which its atoms “rebuilt” into a special crystalline structure. As a result, a new substance with unique properties appeared, perhaps never before existed on Earth.

Despite its “diamond” origin, while Q-carbon is absolutely not suitable for the role of “wearable” jewelry. Its properties have yet to be studied by scientists. Perhaps the material will find application in medicine.

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