The robot set a world record by collecting a Rubik’s cube in 1,047 seconds

Robot for building a cube Rubik

Programmers Jay Flatland and Paul Rose from Kansas posted a video on YouTube in which the robot they created collects Rubik’s cube in just 1.047 seconds, breaking the previous world record of 2.39 seconds.

Flatland and Rose combined into one system frames printed on a 3D printer, stepper motors and four webcams connected to the computer via USB connectors and endowed with the ability to instantly determine the color of the cube.

Information from the cameras goes to the computer, the software of which is based on the Kosiemba algorithm, specially designed for the rapid assembly of the Rubik’s cube. Manipulation of the assembly is carried out using rods, which are inserted into special holes in the center of each face. For two weeks, the video has already collected about a million views.

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