New glass coating will become the basis of omnidirectional solar panels

unique solar panels

In order for solar panels to work with maximum effect, it is necessary to correctly orient them with respect to the sun. However, a new glass coating, developed by researchers of the University of Science and Technology. King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia) and the National Taiwan University, is able to effectively “absorb” the sun’s rays from different angles.

The raw material for the production of a unique coating was the recycled glass container. The coating consists of ultra-thin nanorods and larger elements in the form of honeycombs. The combination of the subwave singularities of the first and the effective dissipation ability of the latter made it possible to achieve a high efficiency of conversion from 5.2 to 27.7%, depending on the angle of inclination of the sun’s rays.

In addition to the impressive ability to collect sunlight from different angles, the new solar panels have one more feature. They repel dust and other contaminants, so that even after six weeks of outdoor use, 98.8% efficiency remains .

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