Robots and absorbent concrete will help in the fight against floods

Robo Dozer

When the Desmond storm hit the UK, thousands of people were forced to leave their homes, and the damage caused by the elements was estimated at millions of pounds. What has happened can not be avoided, but the achievements of modern technologies are rushing to the rescue.

One of them is a remotely controlled Robo-Dozer robot bulldozer. Its main task is the clearing of gutters during a flood. In urban conditions, in heavy rains, runoff from clogging often fails to cope with a large influx of water, which leads to the flooding of entire streets.

According to Mark Sabina, representative of Natural Resources Wales, a small, compact robot bulldozer is perfectly controlled and very useful for cleaning hard-to-reach places. So, for example, the operator can be on the bridge, while the robot will clear the skid under the bridge.

Another unique development in case of flooding is absorbent concrete. Unlike ordinary concrete, it behaves like a sponge, absorbing water and helping it to reach the sewage system faster, bypassing the drainage system. Its capacity is up to 880 liters per square meter for 1 minute.

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