Spacecraft New Horizons transferred new images of Pluto

Pluto images

Recent images of the surface of Pluto, made spacecraft New Horizons, made a real sensation. This is the most detailed image of our distant neighbor in the solar system over the past decades.

The landscape of Pluto is striking in its diversity. Due to the resolution of 80 meters per pixel, steel, for example, is visible to mountains covered with ice, craters, sloping ridges the size of a small city.

Pluto images

It is worth to clarify that the shooting was conducted since July 14 this year, the telescopic camera Lorri from a height of approximately 12.5 thousand kilometers, in a strip about 80 km wide. According to the chief researcher of the South-Western Research Institute, Alan Sern, these pictures reveal new details of the geological structure of Pluto.

For shooting, a special mode was used. Instead of the usual “point” photography, the camera scanned the surface of Pluto, taking pictures every 3 seconds with very little exposure to avoid blurring.

As a result, the quality of the images six times exceeded the previous “record” belonging to the spacecraft Voyager 2, which photographed the surface of Triton – a satellite of Neptune in 1989.

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