The reusable New Shepard missile successfully landed after the second space flight

Launch vehicle New Shepard

Last Friday, the team of the aerospace company Blue Origin, headed by Jeff Bezos, repeated its November success : the carrier rocket New Shepard after putting into orbit (101.7 km) payload made a vertical landing with the help of a braking motor.

This time, the autonomous system of piloting the launch vehicle has been refined with the expectation of greater stability of landing. During the first flight, the emphasis was on landing accuracy at a given point. Now, at the moment of landing, a slight drift is allowed in the interests of reliability and safety.

Jeff Bezos himself does not hide his commitment to the new type of spacecraft created in his company:

“I am an ardent supporter of vertical landing on rocket engines. Why? Because to achieve our vision of life and work in the cosmos of millions of people, we will need very large missiles. The architecture of vertical landing is suitable for this as well as possible. In addition, with the increase in the size of the rocket, it is easier to deal with the problem of an inverted pendulum. I believe that behind such missiles the future “.

The company plans to launch a full-scale test of the reusable VE-4 engine specifically designed for New Shepard rockets .

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