Underwater hotel “Planet Ocean” for lovers of exotic holidays

Planet Ocean

Perhaps, already in the near future, fans of exotic relaxation will have the opportunity to rent a room with a view of the underwater world. The authors of the underwater hotel “Planet Ocean” received a US patent, certified by a trademark, as the only such project of its kind. It is assumed that the first hotels of this series will be built at a depth of 8.5 meters in the coastal waters of Egypt, Malaysia, Hawaii and the Bahamas.

According to the designer of the project, Tony Webb, it will be something like an earthly version of space tourism. He does not doubt that underwater hotels will enjoy great popularity around the world, and part of the money they have earned will go to the fund for the restoration of coral reefs Biorock.

Planet Ocean

By the way, “Planet Ocean” is classified as a submarine vessel, capable of navigating and navigating to a new parking lot with the help of an electric motor, for example, in connection with an impending hurricane. The cost of building one block of an underwater hotel in the Caribbean Sea will cost 3 million, and already a 12-number option of $ 20 million .

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