The Royal Mail of Great Britain estimated the delivery of a letter to Mars at 11,600 pounds

The letter to Mars has not been written yet

Five-year-old UK resident Oliver Giddings, passionately dreaming of becoming an astronaut, turned to the Royal Mail Office with an unusual request – to evaluate the delivery of a regular letter … to Mars. After consulting with NASA Space Center. Kennedy from the post office came a very disappointing answer. Delivery can cost Oliver at 11602.25 pounds sterling or 18003.40 dollars.

However, the issue of delivering letters to Mars has the right to exist. The current e-mail distance of 55 million kilometers to overcome is not yet possible. But if the question has followed, it is necessary to answer it, having secured the advice of a competent organization in the person of NASA.

The amount of 11602.25 pounds sterling was taken not from the ceiling, or rather not from heaven. At its calculation the maximum weight of the standard letter and above mentioned distance to Mars was taken. All placed in his place the senior advisor of the Royal Mail for customer service Andrew Smaut:

“NASA explained to us that the last mission of the mission of a small spacecraft Curiosity cost $ 700 million. With this in mind, the delivery of a letter to Mars weighing 100 grams and “pulled” at such a decent amount. “

By the way, it will have to add the delivery of the letter to the cosmodrome – 2.25 pounds. When Oliver was read out the answer with a calculation, the future astronaut exclaimed disappointed: “Wow a sum!”

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