Completed work on the creation of the Russian “Judgment Day aircraft”

VKP Il-80

This aircraft is destined to take off only as a result of a nuclear conflict or the failure of the entire ground control system. When the top political leadership of the country and its armed forces need an instant reaction to a changing situation. It is no coincidence that the air command post of strategic control has one more unofficial, but quite appropriate mission, the “Yom Kippur” aircraft.

The United Instrument-Making Corporation just reported on the full technical readiness of the Strategic Management, created on the basis of the Il-80 VKP. This is the second generation of aircraft of this type. The previous series of four cars is located at the airfield in Chkalovsk.

As the representative of the leadership of the corporation S. Sokolov noted, in comparison with the previously released models, which have been around for almost a quarter of a century, the IL-80 VKP has higher survivability, technical equipment and increased reliability. The ratio of weight and dimensions of the machine is extremely optimal, as is its power consumption.

In wartime, effective control of all types of armed forces is provided from the VKP board. It should be noted that this complex on the basis of the Boeing E-4B has only one more country in the world – the United States.

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