Strange gadgets: Joystick for poker

Poker Controls

To date, many devices have been created, designed to fully replace the traditional means of controlling a personal computer. Finally it was the turn of the poker fans. The company Poker Controls decided to please the players with an unusual device, which is an optimized for online game wireless joystick.

The gadget will make life easier for those for whom poker from the category of hobbies has grown into a means of earning. Obviously, sitting in front of the monitor and controlling the movement of an inconspicuous cursor is a tedious task, which often ends in a pain in the back and a cut in the eyes. Poker Controller allows you to play poker, sitting in a comfortable chair or on the couch.

The joystick is connected to the computer via a USB stick and operates from ordinary batteries, which are reasonable to use batteries . The supply includes a cord that allows you to recharge the batteries. However, tests have shown that it is often not necessary to resort to its help – the Poker Controller successfully withstands many hours of continuous sessions, even on small-capacity batteries.

Poker Controls

The product requires mandatory installation of appropriate software and activation on the manufacturer’s website. The disadvantage of the device is its incompatibility with the operating system Mac OS, on the platforms of the same Windows and Linux gadget works quite correctly.

Despite the impressive dimensions for the handheld device, the controller weighs quite a bit and lies perfectly in the hands. At the same time, the position of the buttons leaves a double impression. The distance between the keys may seem too large, and for the owners of small hands, the central buttons and cadets are completely out of reach. At the same time, praise deserves the wheel of control of the value of rates, which is ergonomically located on the left side of the device and thanks to high accuracy minimizes the probability of a random bet.

Poker Controls

Anyway, but the joystick functionality was a success. The developers took care even of players prone to tilt, in other words, losing control of the game in the aftermath of a series of victories or defeats. Especially for them, the controller is equipped with a button “Tilt”, by clicking which, the user at a certain time blocks access to the game room, which will not lose to the nines and keep at least some money. In addition, Poker Controller can be used as a game pad in other games not related to poker.

During the testing of the device on known poker rooms, there were no serious bugs and errors. And if professional players, by force of habit, are unlikely to give up traditional controls, then those who are just starting to get acquainted with poker, the controller can do a good job. In addition, the price of the product is small and varies between 120-150 US dollars.

By the way, for owners of smartphones Apple has a separate chip. The English company Smarter Controls International has developed a digital version of Poker Controller. It is a mobile application that completely repeats the controller’s capabilities .


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