The personal voice system Gabriel will help the user with advice


The team of scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, engaged in the creation of cognitive computer assist systems, developed a system called Gabriel. Its essence is to give the person the necessary prompts in real time.

Teaching systems, equipped with powerful algorithms supported by huge databases, are one of the significant achievements of the digital era. They help people to solve the problems facing them, thereby expanding their possibilities.

For the program Gabriel was allocated 2.8 million dollars as a grandee from the National Science Foundation of the United States. The main goal of the program is to create a system that monitors the user, helps him evaluate the situation and gives advice on how to solve problems.

Currently, the system is being “run-in” on the process of assembling various Lego models, drawing sketches and playing ping-pong. In the latter case, Gabriel encourages the player to move correctly during the game, adjust the speed and soberly assess the situation.

Gabriel fits well with augmented reality devices such as Google Glass. Through them, the system sees what the user is doing at the moment, and looks for the optimal sequence of tasks.

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